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Ebook cover designed by kudi-designs.

E-Book Cover Design Services

If you are in need of an ebook cover or audiobook cover design then please visit

kudi-designs. Chris is the best designer around. He can do a custom design or has all sorts of pre-made ones that you can choose from. Please check out the picture on the right for an example and then contact him. He is very reasonably priced. 

Some of our favorite authors websites

C.S. Johnson - Wonderful fantasy writer.

Norma Rhodes - Great writer but doesn't have a website yet. You can find her on Facebook.

Michael Ross - The Wand Chronicles (An amazing new trilogy about humans and elves.)

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We are currently working on moving slowly away from the acx platform since acx only allows our authors to promote on audible when they sign up for an exclusive deal/royalty share contract which we feel is quite unfair since there are about fifty more other audiobook markets we can promote to. Plus still go with a royalty share deal payment. Keep checking with us for more information on this.

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Most of our customers want to know how we get paid. Well typically it depends on the project and what the customer is looking for. We do special sound effects which does costs us money plus lots of time and effort. So therefor it might mean a down payment along with a royalty share deal. However we like to pride ourselves on the fact that unlike some companies out there we do not charge thousands of dollars for you to get your audiobook project completed. Please contact us today for a quote.